Binance bot

Binance bot: trading bot for Binance Coin from TradeSanta

Bots for crypto trading are used to automate trading. They allow you to exclude the emotional component from the process, which allows you to raise the level of profit. In addition, a well-chosen strategy together with the stop loss function allows you to count on a stable profit.

Tradingview bot Binance is used for trading Binance Coin. This efficient software allows you to make deals on different exchanges, not only on Binance

What is a trading bot

BTC Bots are used to automatically make trades. However, its functionality is not limited to that. The user can not only specify at what price to buy and sell assets, but also adjust the strategy much more flexibly to count on higher profits.

The bot’s help for the trader is invaluable. The platform automatically collects information about the state of the market, assesses the risks of trades with a particular asset, and automatically makes deals. 

How to launch Binance Bot

To run TradeSanta’s Binance auto trading bot, follow these steps:

  1. Register on the TradeSanta platform.
  2. Connect the exchange you want to trade on or create a new HitBTC account.
  3. Choose the optimal trading strategy.
  4. Customize your bot according to your chosen strategy.

BTC trading bots from the company at first glance may seem strange and complicated to those who are new to crypto trading. This always happens if you decide to invest in new products. You can get acquainted with the full list of bot features with a 3-day free trial of the software. That way, you can test whether automated trading with bots is right for you.

Trading Binance Coin

As of March 2022, Binance Coin is the 4th largest cryptocurrency in the world by market cap. BNB is one of the most popular coins which is mostly traded with BTC and ETH. The cryptocurrency was created by the Binance exchange and is used as a universal medium of exchange. Therefore, it is not surprising that it is so popular among cryptotraders. It is not only an effective trading tool, but also a profitable object of investment.

Since the beginning of 2021, the value of BNB has increased approximately 6 times. Therefore, the coin continues to be actively traded not only on Binance, but also on other exchanges:

  1. HitBTC.
  2. OKEX.
  4. Bybit.
  5. Huobi and others.

You can set up automated trading on both desktop and mobile devices.

Strategies for the TradeSanta trading bot

The TradeSanta cryptobot offers several strategies for making profits. Both short-term and long-term strategies are provided.

Traiding robot Bitcoin/Binance Coin offers the following long-term strategy DCA:

  1. In the first stage, the trader buys the coin when its price is on the decline.
  2. When the price reaches the lower limit and starts to rise, the bot makes another purchase of the asset.
  3. When the value of the cryptocurrency reaches a profitable level, the bot sells it.

This strategy allows you to diversify your risk in case the coin fails to meet your expectations.

A short-term DCA strategy involves selling assets during a rise in their value. When a decline begins, the bot waits until a certain level of value is reached to start buying the cryptocurrency again.

Binance trading bot app from TradeSanta is not a bad way to get a stable passive profit. The main thing is to set up the platform correctly so that the algorithm of actions fully corresponds to the chosen strategy.

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