Review of the bot for crypto trading Cryptohopper

Review of the bot for crypto trading Cryptohopper

Automated trading bot is a special software that allows you to set up automatic cryptocurrency trading. This is a great tool for both beginners and professionals. One can get to know the market in more detail, while others  can fine-tune the bot according to their strategy and free up time for other tasks. 

Automated trading bot Cryptohopper is one of the most popular bots that is available to users on the market. It offers clients a truly wide range of functionality, which allows them to 100% match the platform settings with their own trading strategy.

It is worth noting that Cryptohopper is not only a bot, but a complete platform that also offers a lot of other useful tools for trading.

Analyze your trading

The functions of automated trading bots are extremely clear. They enter into transactions on behalf of a trader in the cryptocurrency market. Together with Cryptohopper, you will not only be able to set the conditions for completing transactions, but also count on other benefits: 

  • Control your assets. Cryptohopper is compatible with most popular cryptocurrency exchanges. You have the opportunity to connect your accounts using an API key and manage them from one terminal.
  • Trailing functions. Monitor the value of assets and automatically sell/buy them when the value starts to go in the other direction.
  • Trading bots for social trading. Copy the actions of successful traders or use one of the suggested strategies. Auto trade bot Cryptohopper allows you to look at the situation much broader.
  • Professional tools. Users can take advantage of DCA, market making, arbitrage and more. Also, traders can independently create the necessary infographics using the built-in tools.

How Cryptohopper Works

The working  principle of crypto trading bots (auto trading bots) is quite simple. It consists of 3 main steps:

  • Market analysis. At a certain time interval, the bot performs a technical analysis of the market, fixing each change.
  • Risk analysis. The bot collects information about the risk of transactions with a certain asset and, if necessary, provides them to the user.
  • Making deals. If, after analyzing the market, the quotes of a certain cryptocurrency are at a level that matches the settings, the bot automatically carries out transactions with the sale or purchase of assets.

3 main tools of Cryptohopper

So, if we evaluate all the functionality of the auto trading crypto bot Cryptohopper, we can distinguish 3 main tools that will be most useful for the user: