Top 10 Cryptobots

Top 10 Cryptobots

Cryptobots or Trader bots are special software that, using pre-entered algorithms, makes transactions on behalf of a trader. Such automatic trading allows you to avoid unnecessary emotions during trading, as well as provide a stable passive income if the right strategy has been chosen.

We present to your attention a list of the best cryptobots at the moment.


Pionex is a trader bot that is a great option for both new users and experienced traders. This platform allows you to trade on multiple exchanges at the same time by combining 16 free trading bots.

The main advantages of Pionex are:

  • Low commission rate – 0.05% for maker and taker;
  • Grid trading bot allows you to increase profits when trading in a certain price range;
  • Leverage Grid Bot allows you to use 1:5 leverage;
  • Spot-Futures Arbitrage is a great option for generating stable income through low-risk trades;
  • The built-in SmartTrade terminal allows you to use stop loss, take profit and trading orders;
  • The platform allows you to freely deposit and withdraw money from your deposit account.

The disadvantage of Pionex is the inability to create and integrate your own strategies into tradebot. 


This is one of the best crypto trading bot. It allows you to use multiple accounts at once to trade on the same exchange. The benefits of the platform include: 

  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • the bot provides round-the-clock trading;
  • the possibility of using a strategy with zero financial risk;
  • the bot provides reliable analytical data.

The disadvantage is rather limited technical support.

An unlimited free version with limited functionality is also available to users. The bot can also be installed on Android and IOS mobile platforms.


This trading  bot is well suited for making trades between multiple crypto exchanges. The bot also offers a really large number of cryptocurrency pairs – more than 10,000. The bot’s analytical program evaluates changes in the market and highlights promising coins that have a high chance of growing in the short term.

The benefits of Bitgasp include:

  • the bot is supported by more than 25 brokerage companies;
  • simple interface that will be convenient for a beginner;
  • the presence of detailed Tradingview charts allows you to evaluate the productivity of the chosen strategy;
  • you have the option to test the program before using it.

The disadvantages include the lack of a mobile application.


One of the oldest crypto trading bots. HaasOnline has the following features:

  • the presence of local and cloud platforms for more precise control over the algorithm;
  • to connect an exchange account, you only need to have an API key;
  • advanced analytical tools to test the effectiveness of trading;
  • detailed rules for the bot to avoid unpleasant surprises.

HaasOnline is not very newbie friendly. In addition, the platform does not provide for the presence of mobile applications. 


Trality is an option for those bot traders who want to set up automated trading and earn passive income without having to be distracted from their core business.

The advantages of Trality look like this:

  • ample opportunities for designing your bot;
  • fast strategy testing module;
  • convenient and flexible interface;
  • the ability to rent bots from more experienced users.

The disadvantage of the bot is the lack of a mobile platform.