Trading bot overview 3commas bot

Trading bot overview 3commas bot

Automated trading in the cryptocurrency space is gaining momentum 3commas bot. More and more both beginners and professional traders prefer trading bots which make deals according to the established algorithms. One of these bots is 3commas .
This company offers a number of new solutions and functions with which you can better set up automated trading.

What is 3commas bot?

3commas bots is an online platform that allows you to take advantage of automated trading using bots. The main feature of the company is to serve all customers, regardless of the size of its investment. Therefore, the services of the platform are used by both beginners and experienced traders.The principle of operation of 3 comma bots is simple. You set up the bot and give it the right to trade on your behalf. For example, you can set up the algorithm in such a way that the bot buys and gives a coin at the moment when its price requires an indicator to be determined. This is the easiest example. In fact, the bot has a lot more possibilities.

How 3commas bot works?

If we talk about the main functions of 3commas trading bots, we should definitely mention:

  • API Exchange. Before starting automated trading, the user needs to connect their exchange accounts to the platform. Even if you do`nt want to use all the functions of the bot, connecting it will greatly facilitate the completing of transactions.
  • SmartTrade. After connecting exchange accounts to bot 3commas, you can decide which trading strategy to use. However, before trading, special attention should be paid to the SmartTrade function. This is one hub that combines several exchange platforms into one, which greatly simplifies the completing of transactions.
  • Trailing orders. This is a type of order that allows you to prevent losses by selling an asset if it falls by the percentage specified in the settings. If the price grows, then the indicator for trailing orders also grows.
  • Smart sales. An excellent tool for long-term investment. If your asset drops in value, you can sell it and specify at what price to buy it back. This feature is very useful if you are sure that the value of an asset will increase in the long run.
  • 3commas trading bots. There are two options for setting up bots when it comes to the 3commas platform. Professional traders can set up automatic trading conditions on their own. Whether you are just starting out or simply relying on passive income, it remains possible to get a trading portfolio from other platform users.

3commas bot main settings

For optimal settings of 3 comma trading bot, you need to familiarize yourself with the following indicators:

  • Exchanges – specify the exchanges where your bot should trade. If a trader trades large volumes of assets for higher liquidity, one should trade on several exchanges. At the same time, the bot can execute orders simultaneously, which increases its efficiency.
  • Pairs – be sure to specify the trading pairs you want to use to make trades. The most popular pair is expectedly BTC/ETH.
    Initial trade size – the bot needs to know how much you want to use to make trades.
  • Safe trade size – when properly configured, it allows you to reduce the average purchase price of assets.

Terms of cooperation with 3commas

The 3commas platform offers 4 packages for customers, which provide for different terms of cooperation. The price of the maximum package is $75 per month. You can familiarize with the platform for free using the first package – Junior Plan.